Some medications are compatible. Some are not.

Some medications are compatible.
Some are not.

Add medications together to learn
what you can take at the same time.


Know what's
safe to take when.


Track symptoms
& side effects.


Set medicine

About MedicineCalculator

MedicineCalculator is an app that allows you to know what medication to take, how much to take, and when to take it. Add medications together to know if the medications are compatible and can be taken at the same time. Anyone who is on medication regularly or has simultaneous multiple ailments needs this app to take their medications safely.

Track Your Medication

Create your MedicineCalculator account to save your calculations, track symptoms and side effects of your medications, and set medicine alarms so you never forget what to take when.


Talk to Your Doctor

MedicineCalculator is not a substitute for your doctor. Talk to your doctor about what medications are safe for you to take. Don’t follow the instructions given to you by MedicineCalculator if your doctor’s instructions are different.